Friday, 2 November 2012

Justice Mail: 2nd Nov 2012

Dear Justice Mail Friends

Supermarkets wield enormous power over the farmers and suppliers that want to sell the products we buy every day, by dictating terms and agreements to suit their profit margins. These pressures often get passed on...
to workers in the form of low wages, long hours and poor working conditions.

Traidcraft State: after a long campaign by Traidcraft and others, we are very close to having a watchdog (the Groceries Code Adjudicator) that will help hold supermarkets to account for how they treat their suppliers. The Bill to set up the supermarkets watchdog is making its way through parliament – we’re nearly there!

Use the Traidcraft link below to email Jo Swinson, the minister responsible for setting up the watchdog, and call on her to give it the power it needs to be effective: the power to fine.

Mike Croos
All Saints Kings Heath

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